I am a native Michigander and settled in Ann Arbor after completing an MFA degree at the University of Michigan. My passion for horses and clay can be traced back to my roots in rural Michigan and my bottomless sandbox. My exhibition record spans three decades, including recent exhibitions in France. My work can be seen in many publications, including The Best of New Ceramic Art, 500 Animals in Art, The Best of 500 Ceramics, Ceramics Monthly, American Craft, and Ceramic Art and Perception.


Horses continue to be a satisfying subject matter for me. Since pre-history, the horse has fascinated artists. Using the potter's wheel and traditional ceramic practices, I construct my sculpture from the ground up. Building is a series of decisions, adding pieces one at a time. Each sequential decision influences the next. There are forms I have not imagined as a unit, yet they evolve from my hands. When I look at a finished work, I am often surprised. Because I am focused on each step of the process, when I step back, I have a sense of seeing the piece for the first time.